Kickboxing is regarded as a stand up form of combat sports with the use of punching and kicking, also elbow and knee strikes are widely used. Developed from Muay Thai, Karate and Boxing. Kickboxing is practiced for general fitness, self-defence, or as a contact sport.

Kickboxing is becoming one of the fastest growing contact sports in the UK due to it’s ease of use and devastating self-defence benefits for men, women and children of all ages and abilities.

Kickboxing tournaments can include light contact, semi contact and full contact. All have different ruleset’s depending on which association you are with, some allow the use of knee and elbow strikes, Low kicks and takedown’s (sweeps). This is usually only allowed in full contact rules.

G.B.A.K.A competitions are always fair and adults and children are separated into different age and weight groups and novice, intermediate and advanced categories. We provide light contact, semi contact, and full contact tournaments. please see our individual ruleset’s page for more information.


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