Welcome to GBAKA – Great British Amateur Kickboxing Association. Formed in 2016 to support kickboxing and other martial arts across the UK, the GBAKA exists to provide guidance and support for kickboxing, as well as helping the sport to grow in popularity and improving the safety of our members and clubs.

Our goal is to be the leading authority in Kickboxing and help to elevate the sport to the next level.

We understand how important it is to be affiliated with an association for your Kickboxing or martial arts club, so by joining the GBAKA you can get all the benefits of being members with us but without the interference, which means you can run your club how you want, but we’re always there to give you help and support if and when you need it.

When joining the GBAKA we offer you the best deals on Instructor and student annual licences, safeguarding certification, DBS checks, first aid courses and more. We also offer Black belt registration on our website for yourself or your students so (Dan) grades can be recognised by insurance companies or other organisations. We accept all styles of martial arts or combat sports to join our association, There is no fee to join our association. Currently we don’t offer club or instructor insurance as we think you can get a better deal by going direct to the insurance companies yourself, however if you need help in choosing the right company¬† we can give you names of reputable and trustworthy insurance companies that we have worked with ourselves closely over the years.

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